Solar LED street lamp installation of three points

Now in rural infrastructure construction with the completion of road hardening now many villages are starting to install street lights.Especially under the promotion of new energy by the construction of beautiful countryside, solar LED street lamps have generally become the main light source of rural road lighting.In order to ensure the smooth implementation of rural street lamp installation, there are three requirements for solar LED street lamp installation in rural road lighting.

The first point in light quality requirements.The service life of solar LED street light source is 3-4 years, and the warranty period of the light source is 2 years.In addition, in the process of using solar LED street lamps, it is necessary to do a good job in the heat dissipation of the solar LED street lamp light source to ensure the service life of the solar LED street light source.

The second point is to ensure the stability of solar LED street lights.To ensure that the solar LED street lights will not be suddenly extinguished phenomenon.Since solar LED street lamps are powered by solar batteries, it is necessary to ensure that the solar LED street lamps can achieve stable lighting in rainy weather, without sudden extinction or insufficient light time.

The third point is that according to the actual situation of the local, solar street lamp manufacturers need to do a good job in the reasonable configuration of the whole solar LED street lamp system to ensure that the installation cost of solar LED street lamps can also realize the good application of solar LED street lamps in rural road lighting.For the installation of solar LED street lamps in rural areas, only by saving the most energy and reducing the installation cost can the rural road infrastructure be improved.


Post time: Apr-26-2019

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